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SSEG has been designed by Innovative Research & Development Agency Pvt. Ltd. (IRDA)- a company registered  under Company Act 1956 with focus on socio-economic survey, studies, research and development activities. Concept of SSEG spread very fast and it developed its network in 429 districts across the country. Details about various aspects of SSEG has been explained under different sub-headings of the scheme.

In October 2008 (17th -19th), IRDA organized District Level Seminar on "Evolving Growth Model for Accelerating Pace of Rural Development in India" in 76 districts through its NGO members. It was organized on a global call given by UNO- "Stand Against Poverty- Take Action". It was appreciated as unique and innovative activity by UNO's South Asian Office because no such event was ever organized by any organization in any part of the world on this UNO’s call. It was "exemplary

Through its nationa-wide network of SSEG members, IRDA has developed its competency to organize nationwide large scale survey covering entire population of the district (rural and urban). Some of such surveys conducted in the past are- SECC- 2011, NPR, POI etc. Companies and Research Organizations find it convenient to seek services of IRDA in carrying out social or market surveys/research due to its presence almost in every major district of the country.

Initially, when SSEG Education was introduced most important task was to prepare chapter wise Question Bank for all classes from Class VI to XII. The concept of Royalty Teacher came into existence in the process of searching for teachers who could do this work and be benefitted with the launching of this scheme. It was appreciated by teachers across the country and hundreds of teachers came forward and participated in preparing Question Bank required to assess understanding level of students in each chapter. It has now more than 30,000 questions in its Question Bank.

Graduates looking for long-term and sustainable employment will find SSEG their most preferred destination.

Since this scheme is for the graduates, by the graduates and to make demanding graduates, it has been named after them as Scheme for Self-Employment of Graduate (SSEG) and is being implemented on a Mission Mode.