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SSEG Education

SSEG Education aims at benefitting Students, Parents and Teachers (SPT) and specially to the students by converting an average student into a demanding graduate.

Its unique features are:

  1. It empowers parents with a tool to measure understanding level of their ward in each chapter.

      2. This measuring tool will save parent's money. Facilitator of your area will explain you in detail.

      3   Subject and chapter-wise Question Bank (QB) prepared for classes VI-XII by number of teachers from across the country. 

      4. Understanding level of students measured through SSEG tools will help teachers to diagnose weak part of the subject for clearing their concept.

      5. It is believed that a student looses their interest in any subject/chapter if their concept on any chapter is not clear.

      6. Teachers who command a topic/ subject will be in a better position to clear concepts. 

      7.  Keeping in view need for such teachers, SSEG has developed the concept of SST (Subject Specialist/Super-       Specialist Teachers).

Therefore, keeping in view common concern of SPT, collective effort should be made by all. To do so:-

·  Parents should check understanding level of their ward by using SSEG tools in each chapter immediately after the school teacher or tutor at home/coaching centre finishes it.

·     If parents are seeking services of professional Tutors, they should apprise them to register themselves online under SSEG Education so that their contributions can also be measured. If not satisfied, parents should have the option to switch over.

·      SSEG encourages competent teachers from every colony/town/city to benefit from the scheme.

·   SSEG also intends to give recognition to the Teachers associated with the scheme and posses specialized skill /expertise.

Therefore, there is need to develop strong bondage between competent teachers and weak students. 

·     Needless to mention, giving benefits of scheme to the students lies mainly in the hands of parents. There can't be a better gift than bringing happiness on the face of children. Parents should motivate their children to join SSEG Education.

·     If a student joins SSEG Education while in class VI and parents takes interest in measuring their improvement, by the time they pass out class XII, their concept and understanding on each subject/ chapter will be clear and therefore will be able to qualify any competitive examination.  

·    Students, who come out well at school, generally perform well at graduation level. This is how SSEG Education aims at converting average student into demanding graduate.