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SSEG Research

Research is  the backbone of development’. Whatever developments we see around is due to innovations and tireless efforts made by Research Scholars to give something new and useful to the society.

‘Each Research Professional posses unique Human Resource Potential’. Therefore, SSEG keep on compiling database of Socio-Economic / Market Research Professionals by their field of specialization and super-specialization to. help research organizations, clients as well as government by seeking their services in projects relevant to their field of specialisation/availavility. This database expedite the process of  quality data collection, interpretation and preparation of quality report. Broadly, Under SSEG, Research Professionals have been categorised as Junior, Middle and Senior Research Professionals as per their level of contribution, experience and expertise. 

Junior Research Professionals:

Commonly designated as Research Investigators / Research Assistant, they find it difficult to confine to any specific field. Reasons may be many more but IRDA is of the opinion that lack of proper motivation; training and most important of all immediate needs for livelihood is perhaps the root cause. IRDA intends to develop expertise in specific field of their choice so that SSEG could easily market their specialization and give wider recognition of being expert in a particular field. It will help Research Institutions across the country in seeking their services.

It is in this context, SSEG is trying to identify JRP who have an urge and willingness to be recognized as Specialist JRP in some field of socio-economic/market research. SSEG will make its efforts in shaping up their profile as highly competent and efficient Research Investigator. After all, results drawn from a scientific study primarily depends on quality and accuracy of data/information collected.

Fresh graduates/post-graduates who wish to carry out field work and would be available as per requirement of studies, may also like to submit their Registration form online.

Middle Level Research Professionals:

Minimum Post-graduate in any discipline with atleast ten years of experience in the field of social or market research and confident to supervise field surveys/investigation, scrutinize schedules, tabulation and assist SRP in drafting study reports etc. are classified as MRP.

Senior Level Research Professionals:

Minimum Ph.D. with atleast 20 years of experience and specialization in some field of social or market research. Must be highly competent to coordinate, supervise and guide research project by way of  report writing, conceptualize ideas and thoughts for preparing study proposals, etc. 

Clients willing to seek services of SSEG Research for conducting their studies / surveys, may like to apprise their requirements to SSEG Team. Team will revert back for further support.