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SSEG Verification offers services in following fields through the presence of SSEG Team of Facilitator, Investigators and Supervisors available in respective district/towns of the state in India.

1. Tenant Verification: Property owner who wish to verify conduct of tenant prior to entering into agreement to assure that the person going to stay in his house on rent had good conduct in the place/house where he was living earlier. It will give him peace of mind. The Facilitator of that place will do the needful and report through Local Facilitator. Though Facilitator can't guarantee but will provide feedback from previous owner of the property, he stayed in. Also, how was his conduct with neighbours and specific feedback as desired by the property owner may also be obtained on request.

2. Servant /Maid Servant Verification: This is one of the major concern for the employers seeking services of servant/made servant. Here, there may be some who do not have past experience and might be coming for the first time to work in home. SSEG Team will collect required information in performa from their permanent town/village after meeting their parents, neighbours so that in case of any misconduct, their parents can be contacted or even during their stay employer can have frequent talk with them to be assured.

3. Employee Verification: In government sector there is provision for verification of employees before their employment but in private sector, there is no such provision. In small organisation, companies depend upon references to get assured that he can be contacted/ caught if found indulged in wrong practices. SSEG Team offers them a system to verify their permanent address and also seek specific infoirmation from their parents, if required. The documents submitted are many times found not updated and actual address differs from what has been mentioned in the document. This third party verification will also be helpful in obtaining their conduct in business circle/clients.

4. Matrimonial Verification: Since SSEG Team are located in the same area/colony of the town, they may be able to provide useful information as required for matrimonial purposes. There are normally two places where verification is required- one where parents are staying and other where bride/bridegrooms work i.e. their working palce and stay in the town. If parents have to move to these palces, it will cost money, consume time and also efforts made would be tiring. SSEG Team's wide presence in almost every town/city will make the task very easy.

5. Institutional Verification: After +2 and graduation parents start looking for reliable institutions where they can send their ward and keep peace of mind. Whether faciliciites claimed are available or not, whether degrees awarded are recognised or not, whether outgoing students get placed properly or not are the basic queries and apart from this how much will it cost to them. Initially, if hostel facility is to be managed by students themselves, this is yet another matter of worry for the parents. SSEG Team present in the area or near by will help such parents help them by giving correct information on their queries. During the stay of 2-4 years in the premises Facilitator will also be a contatc point for the parents.

6. Other Verification: There are other verification services sought by many banking sector institutions and organisation. Any specific support as they feel apprpriate that can be  easily offered by Facilitators can be sought by such comapnaies/organisations.

SSEG Team being service orineted team of professionals people would find their services quite satisfactory and useful.

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