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SSEG Tourism
Its an initiative of Facilitators to help large number of people who wish to travel and enjoy their holidays/trips but due to economic constrains they compromise. One can approach local Facilitator and explain their plan and budget. Facilitator will get in touch with their counterparts in such locations and come out with best and most affodable options. Facilitator will also help people by providing useful information so that you can plan a better trip within your budget. His aim would be to save your time, money and protect you from being cheated/misguided. There will be local Facilitator in your destination to receive you and take care of your convenience/hospitality.

Simply search for contact details of Facilitator available in your area, apprise him about your plans and budget. Or, just fill up Query Form. SSEG Team will get back to you.

Our Mission:
Graduates associated with SSEG intends to promote tourism among common people for whom money matters but quality is not compromised.